Mushishi [10/10]

Had this one on the planned to watch list for a LONG time and finally had a chance to go and watch it. Mushishi, I feel like, is under-appreciated. I would’ve never heard about it had I not been persuaded by my friend to watch it (still took me like 3 years to actually watch but whatever XD). We travel along side Ginko and his journey to resolve incidents that have been cause by beings called “mushi”. Mushi are beings that are not alive yet neither are they dead, Ginko is known as a Mushishi, an expert in dealing with Mushi. It’s filled with deep intriguing stories that are based off of Japanese folklore. That itself is already appealing now add very nice almost water color-like style artwork and the anime just comes to life. The each episodes contains a story which are all very deep and with it’s own hidden meaning or moral (half of them will contain lots of emotional pain….like A LOT). With a lot of beautiful artwork, and masterfully crafted stories Mushishi is an anime you’ll want to try!!

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