Noragami Aragoto [10/10]

Yato and the crew are back for season two and this season is even better than the first! Of course I have lots of praise for Noragami Aragoto! The character development around Yato and his relationships with the people around him was done so well! Yato finally starts to break away from Nora, erase his bloody past and begin to walk on his own path. Animation is on point as always, the fight scenes are very clean and intense, but the animation I like the most was in the opening mostly because BONES kept the theme that was present in the first season’s OP but with Season 2 material and I think the consistency was the right choice. I also want to give some props to the director Kotaro Tamura for planning the episodes so flawlessly. Each episode was packed full of action and ALWAYS made you wanted MORE. It was a horrible pain to see the ending because it signified the end of the episode TTATT. Although I did love this season…..WHERE THE HELL IS YATOxHIYORI DAMMIT. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR TWO SEASONS AND ALL I GET IS A HUG!?!?!?! OTL

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