Oregairu was one of my favorites when it airing Season 1, I loved the characters (ESPECIALLY YUKINON CUZ BRUH), the problems they were faced with and Hikki’s different outlook on life. Those three elements really came together and made the anime an it’s story stand out. This season however was a little strange to me, for one the character designs were change? Season 1′s character designs were more sharp and pointy, whereas Season 2′s is more round and soft. That threw me off for a while, and if anyone knows about the reason why they were change, I want to know! The other thing that bothered me throughout the story was the story. The first season was pretty straight forward, there would be explanations for the situations but in this season it was a lot more vague. Especially the situation between our three Main Characters Yui, Yuki, and Hikki. Week after week I was left clueless as to what just happened, I even forgot why Yuki hates her sister so much, and why her sister still bothers her. Not only that but the season ended with a cliffhanger as to where the relationship between our three Main Characters is going? So many unasnwered questions and holes in the plot, I hope it comes back for season 3 and redeems itself from this season. I will also be watching both season 1 and 2 again and add to this review later on.