Dimension W [10/10]

“In the not-so-distant future, humans have done the impossible and found a seemingly infinite source of energy. By tapping into the newly discovered fourth plane, Dimension W, they are able to harness that energy using “coils.” this also led to the appearance of unofficial coils manufactured by private companies. Collectors are hired to confiscate these illegal coils for a bounty.Kyouma is one such Collector. He dislikes all coils to the degree where he doesn’t even use them in his daily life. On one coil-collecting mission, he bumps into a robot girl powered entirely by coils, and they enter into a hesitant partnership in order to achieve their goals.” -myanimelist.net

I felt like Dimension W came out of nowhere! There was no hype on its preview nor was it promoted via the manga (at least when I was looking for things to watch). Dimension W hit fast and hard, the first episode puts you right into a some good fight scenes with the encounter between Mira and Kyouma. There are some really good character development with Kyouma, Intially you’d probably guess he’s just one of those bad boys that hate to conform to society’s standards, but he’s actually much deeper than that. Throughout the show you get bits and pieces of Kyouma’s personality and his past, but the last episode is what really brings it together. The use of coils in the show is actually really cool and how they’re used on the daily by civilians, mostly for appliances and such, but also their use in warfare. Animation is amazing! All the fight scenes are fast paced and fluid, and with Kyouma’s style of fighting that’s pretty impressive! I highly recommend this one!

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