“You can’t believe everything you see, or can’t see, for that matter. In Musaigen no Phantom World, Phantoms, beings that blur the line between illusion and reality, wander around right under the noses of unsuspecting humans. Their origins are mysterious and few can see themーthat is, until a research facility bombing spreads a virus that grants the ability to. Humans with special powers are given the task of sealing the troublemaking Phantoms.”-myanimelist.net

Another great anime produced by KyoAni!! KyoAni is known for beautiful Character designs, and amazingly smooth animation and they don’t disappoint!! The fighting animations are incredible and the scenery shots are beautiful! And there are so many great characters like Mai-Senpai, Reina-chan, Kurumi-chan, Koito-senpai, and Ruru-chan. All the girls are best girl! If there was one thing bad about Musaigen no Phantom World it would be the story/plot. Yes the idea about sealing phantoms with special abilities is very interesting and good, however; there wasn’t  a bigger force at play. Meaning, it was just single episode about sealing phantoms on a day-to-day basis. There’s no real objective. BUT That doesn’t necessarily make it bad. It’s fun to see the different types of phantoms and how our main teams goes about sealing them. I just wished there was a more fulfilling story line.