Schwarzesmarken [4/10]

As a spin-off of Muv Luv I thought this might be interesting since I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Muv Luv series. Well this was a major disappointment, the story was more about internal conflicts between East and West Germany rather than beating the BETAs. It just shows how messed up humans can be once they have been pushed back to a corner. The character designs were very nice, I had absolutely no problems with that or the artwork (although it is a little plain since the only sceneries is the battlefield and some towns). The big problem was the characters themselves and how they treated one another. Especially Theodor, our protag-kun, he’s has made so many bad choices throughout the entire show that just seeing him ruined the episode for me and also the fact that he slept with his SISTER (WHY). Irisdina, is obviously best girl along with Katia, the Captain of the 666th Squad was the only one with a head between her shoulders. Everyone else was in their own world with their own problem not wanting to look at their surroundings. The ending of the show left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, The sweet coming from the fact that it’s over and the bitter from the amount of characters that have died for me to reach to the point. RIP my fellow comrades.

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