Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu [5/10]

“Buntarou Hojo is a high school student who has a talent for writing, but no real direction in life or any plans for the future. His classmate, Sayuki Kuroda notices his talent, decides to help him find a way to use it properly by enlisting him in her bishoujo game development group.”

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu was amusing….at first, but after the 3rd episode I lost interest in the story and the characters. What I did like about the story was the game-making part. I, as a story writer, sometimes hit a writers block as well and to see how Hojo hit the block and eventually surpass it, it sort of felt like I was watching myself at work. And I love seeing the behind the scenes of games and anime so that aspect was really cool. The characters however are the different matter, the character designs were plain as can be, nothing really appealing in that respect. The character development was so bad it was almost pitiful, and the way the characters handled themselves with each other was just straight up painful to watch. Especially the relationship between Ando and Kuroda, I understand that they’re supposed to have a love/hate relationship but for Ando to quit the team not once, but a total of three times! (give or take LOL). Like by the second she shouldn’t even return but she does…And don’t even get me started with Yuka. Probably the first Hana Kanazawa character that I dislike, she’s moody all the time and always holds in her thought and then gets mad or depressed the moment something doesn’t go her way. It’s all ranting at this point so I’ll stop there but I wouldn’t really recommend this one, if you like seeing how visual novels/bishoujo games are made then this might help but for the story I think it fails to pick up interest.

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