Gintama (2015) [11/10]

“Gintama is back and better than ever! Featuring aliens, time clocks, and the fondling of breasts! Gintama is an anime based around humor and references; it shall blow your mind with questions of how it has not gotten copyright strikes! Now prepare for the 4th wall to be broken, and to cry your eyes out in laughter at the not-so-organised story of a Silver Haired Samurai and his incredible life in the city of Edo!” -myanimelist

Gintama will always have a place in my heart as my favorite anime ever. Gintama may seem like it’s all about comedy up on the surface (although 90% of it is PURE COMEDY), the 10% leftover is actually emotional back story on our beloved characters and the crazy bloody arcs. It’s so hard to introduce Gintama to some people because of some of the vulgar humor XD. Gintama is masterpiece in that it skillfully blends this mix of comedy and emotionally powerful dialogue (when it’s in a serious arc), along with high energy fight scenes that will always leave you on the edge of your seat! For now Gintama ends with 51 episode this season, but I’ll be waiting for the day Gintama returns!! I ALSO WANNA SEE TIMESKIP KAGURA AGAIN BECAUSE HOT DAMN.

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