Prince of Stride: Alternative [8/10]

“The series is about an extreme form of sport known as “Stride.” It involves 6 players on a team that runs relay races in towns. The story takes place at Honan Academy where first year high school students Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai try to recruit members for their “Stride” club. They request Riku Yagami to join with the help of Takeru and Nana. Their goal is to compete and win the “End of Summer,” a top competition hosted in Japan alongside other schools.”

Stride is kinda like a mix of relay racing and parkour/free running, it actually looks really fun I wouldn’t trying it out! (Although I hate running XD). The anime is based off of a Visual Novel, and when I heard about it, I wasn’t expecting anything good to come out of it. Prince of Stride is actually a very good show! The fast pace action is represented well in the animation, being able to see the character perform the parkour moves, or “gimmicks” as they call it in the show, is really awesome! The race is high paced and intense as you can imagine the danger that is involved with parkour. The character designs are sleek and the animation is fluid so there’s not much to complain on the artwork and animation. The only real problem was the story and how rushed it was, 12 episodes and we’re already at the end of the tournament (End of Summer). And the relationship between Sakurai and her father seem very unfulfilling, they meet for about 2 minutes and then BOOM competition agains each other, and there’s no resolution to that either. But again it’s understandable, I mean trying to squish a 30 hour long VN into a 12 episode anime is pretty difficult, and normally it fails terribly but Prince of Stride succeeds with the limitation that they had.

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