Durarara x2 Ketsu [7/10]

So the Durarara Season 2 trilogy ends with Ketsu. The entire second season was a crazy ride from start to finish. The openings were great as usual, with the catchy songs and flashy visuals. The story had a complex twist, like season 1. The plot takes place at different times along the durarara timeline. This makes the story a little hard to follow especially for those that follow the new episodes weekly. This style of story telling was phenomenal in season 1 because the entire plot came together in the last few episodes. In season 2 however; this fails to work. It’s less effective because of the surplus of characters, which just complicates the story. And with all the different happenings that are occurring in the city of  Ikebukuro it’s difficult to put two and two together. Each episode adds more to the story, making the plot almost incomprehensible. They also bring back characters from the first season (which aired in 2010, might I add). Most of which are impossible to remember. I think season 2 was unnecessary because I thought Durarara!! ended on a good note.

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