Hundred [7/10]

“”Hundred” – the only weapon capable of fighting the Savages, mysterious life forms attacking Earth. Hayato enters the battleship university Little Garden in hopes of becoming a Slayer… but his roommate Emile Crossfode, who seems to know a lot about him for some reason, awakens a sort of unsettling nostalgia within him. What’s more, right after he joins the school, the strongest Slayer at Little Garden, the “Queen” Claire Harvey, challenges him to a duel!” -Crunchyroll

Like I said in my first impression, Hundred is named so because of the fact that ninety nine other anime have exact same plot. For me Hundred wasn’t awful….but it wasn’t good either. The good things about Hundred are the character designs (I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN CLAIRE HARVEY GOD DAMN). The character themselves aren’t too bad, they are all very likable characters, and they do have some development to a certain extent. But as good as those were the bad things are pretty bad, for instance recycling animation. I HATE it when anime recycle any sort of animation, and what’s worse it’s animation that’s featured in the OPENING!! SO YOU SEE IT EVERY EPISODE. Let’s also talk our big bad antagonist, who’s name we don’t hear until the last fourth of the anime. Vitaly had one reason to invade the Little Garden and it was revenge because Judar lied about loving her……really? That’s the reason you wanna destroy the Little Garden????? REALLY??????? Don’t watch this for the plot but watch it for the “PLOT”, if you know what I mean.

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