Kagewani: Shou

“Mysterious monsters that appear and attack in present time. The people can only be played with by them in this extreme situation. Why do these monsters appear to attack people…? Sousuke Banba, a scientist, searches for the truth with the keyword “Kagewani”
A new feeling of panic suspense animation begins.” -myanimelist.net

Season 2 of Kagewani does a much better job of keeping with the main character, Banba-sensei. The story is a much more immersive and interesting story and it fills the plot holes that were left by season 1. The animation style is still the same as season 1, which is great because that’s what makes Kagewani so interesting. It’s fascinating to see how the Kagewani came to be and how it got out into the real world! But it’s difficult to compile a lot of information and detail in just a 5 minutes. So the story is lacking that depth but as a short I think it works pretty well. The ending suggest possibility of the Kagewani escaping again???? Also what happened to the crazy tribe girl and Banba??

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