Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalités [3/10]

“The feared “Evil Dragon”, Daganzord, is an unstoppable force that leaves nothing but scorched land and destruction wherever he goes. Hiiro’s parents, Bairo and Kismitete, joined other sorcerers in a magic ritual ten years ago in an attempt to seal Daganzord, but failed when someone interfered. The ritual would later become known as the “Balbagoa Tragedy.” After being rescued by Giruu, young Hiiro set out to learn swordsmanship so that he could avenge his parents. Will Hiiro really succeed in overcoming the destiny he took upon himself and defeating Daganzord?!” -Crunchyroll (paraphrased by me)

I’m going to be straight forward and say that the only reason that I watched this anime was because of Hiiro’s Mom (because HOT DAMN). BUT SHE DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP FOR HALF THE ANIME. Other than Hiiro’s Mom the rest of Cerberus was complete and utter rubbish. Let’s start with our main antagonist, Nambuuko. Nambuuko is probably one of the most insignificant, and single layered, bad guy I have ever seen. His motivation to making people suffer is because he wants more money. That just sets up for a shallow antagonist, and he’s just plain stupid. Also in the fight scene on episode 13, he was defeated in two moves!!! Even after absorbing the all mighty Daganzord (Daganzot??). Hiiro is no exception, as a main character he is absolutely worthless. He cannot fight whatsoever (exception on episode 13 where out of nowhere he just wields a blade and magic like it’s nothing!). Most of the characters give no contributions to the group yet they are still there, like Tomitte who just tags along with no fighting abilities whatsoever? Cerberus is inconsistent throughout the show, and especially in the final episode. Episode 13 was something the animation company HAD TO FINISH. So they just slapped a happy ending with a big fight scene and called it a day. Diomedia usually does a good job of animation and the pacing the story but Cerberus was just plain awful.

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