Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season [11/10]

“The students return as school is back in session for the second semester. Following their exploits on the island during summer vacation, Class 3-E continues to sharpen their blades with their sights set on their teacher, the slippery Koro-sensei. They have more to worry about than just their teacher, however, as enemy assassins, both old and new, are out for the increased bounty on the octopus’ head. With all of these obstacles opposing them, the group must continue to work together in order to overcome their foes and accomplish their goal of successfully assassinating their teacher.”

All the emotion, the relationship, and the heartbreak from season 1 continues in season 2 along. This time around the story centers around character development for all the characters, so there is less action involved, but that doesn’t mean there’s no action at all! We meet new adversaries that Nagisa and friends must face to protect themselves! And at the same time they need to study for exams because graduation is just around the corner! That’s the fun part, then towards the second half of the season we get a lot of surprises. Things like Kayano’s true identity and Koro-sensei’s deep and dark past! All that then sets up the government’s final plan to dispose of Koro-sensei!  Koro-sensei’s final moment with the emotional build up was absolutely DEVASTATING TO ME. I HAVE NEVER CRIED TO MUCH IN MY LIFE (Besides Angel Beats and Clannad). In this final season, we bring the time spent in in Class E-3 to a close. And we also get little glimpses at how the students are doing after graduating from Class E-3. BUT HONESTLY I WANT MORE NAGISA AS TEACHER?????? LIKE THAT ENDING WASN’T ENOUGH TTATT

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