Rewrite (First Impression)

Off to a great start! First episode is a double ep so it’s about 40 minutes long and I’m already in love! Rewrite is based off of a visual novel that is near and dear to my heart! So to see it get animated is very exciting! (especially after like 4+ years…). I love the artwork, there is no drastic change in art-style which is great! The pacing of the story is a little fast, but they’re gonna try and cram a 20+ hour game into 13 episodes so that’s understandable. There are changes here and there but overall the anime stays true to the VN, for now… I have no idea how they’re going to incorporate all of the routes into the anime because the routes diverge into such different paths that it’s hard for me to pictures how the anime will tell the story! But I’m hoping it turns out well!

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