As a HUGE fan of the Tales of Series, of course I’m pumped to see another game of the series get animated!!!! Right off the bat Tales of Zestiria: The X, shows a darker side of the story that isn’t seen in the games. Episode 1 deals with Alisha and her time before she meets Sorey. This also explains some of the malice that it directed towards Alisha when you play the game. And, surprisingly enough, we actually see Velvet Crowe in the opening??? Velvet Crowe is the main protagonist for the new game in the series called Tales of Berseria. Which hasn’t even been released yet! (It’ll be released on August 18th in Japan/ Sometime 2017 for everywhere else). So  I’m really interested to see her role in all this. If you played the game, rest assured it is not a recap, rather it’s a different side of a story you already know.