Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu (First Impression)

I’VE WAITED TOO LONG FOR THIS!!!! Finally Arslan Senki is back with the story continuing from where season 1 left off. This time, there’s another kingdom that will join the war between the kingdom of Lusitania and the kingdom of Pars. Along with a sacred sword that will prove who is the true ruler! And of course everyone gets new outfits! The OP reveals a lot of sea battles featuring, the forever beautiful Farangis in some great battle armor *winkwink*. This season is sure to be an exciting one….but it’s going to be brief…..Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu will only air 8 episodes. Yes you read correctly only EIGHT. Hopefully there are changes and it continues but for it’ll only be 8 episodes.

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