From the same guy who brought you the incredibly hilarious web comic One Punch Man. Here’s another outrageously overpowered, yet oblivious main character that will knock your socks off! Mob is a middle schooler who has powerful psychic abilities, which he uses to exorcise ghosts! The first episode was overwhelming with all the crazy animation and flashing colors! But after the first few minutes it dulled down a bit. I’m guessing the anime is sticking with the web comic designs (which in my opinion aren’t good…). The characters have the same face (and saitama’s rest face and also be thrown in the mix). And if they don’t have the rest face then they’re just fugly. Although artwork and character designs are great…. THE ANIMATION IS ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. I can only imagine the amount of time it took to gave all the drawings done and animated to get that fluid motion throughout all the fight scenes!!! Also the fake teacher is annoying, but eh I’ll live.