ReLIFE [9/10]

“The story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old jobless man, who fails at every job interview he had after quitting his last company. His life changes after he met Yoake Ryou of the ReLife Research Institute, who offered him a drug that can change his appearance to 17-years-old and to become a subject in an experiment for one year. Thus, he begins his life as a high school student once more.”

Yup I know that this is a new anime, and yes this is a review and NOT a first impression…and why do you ask? BECAUSE ALL 13 EPISODES HAVE BEEN PRE-STREAMED ALREADY THAT’S WHY. There is still a TV broadcast that airs episodes each week. But if you hate cliffhangers and love marathoning anime, this is the one to do it on. ReLIFE is a slice-of-life, and before you sigh and roll your eyes at me, because I watch too many slice-of-life(s), hear me out. ReLIFE has more “real” and “believable” characters that represent all of us in different ways. Kaizaki-kun, for example, fights for what he believes is right and just. But sometimes that doesn’t work out. Especially if the thing you’re trying to fight is the company you work for. He wins the fight but loses the war. He’s fired by his employer and forced to become a NEET. We always want to the right thing, but sometimes it could cost us more than we’d want or expect. Kariu, a girl who’s stubborn and is never honest with her feeling, is struggling to keep up with her rivals. No matter how hard she tries they will always be one step ahead. And that’s crushing, especially when you know you’re trying your hardest and they’re barely breaking a sweat. I see myself in Kariu and maybe that’s why I like her so much as a character. Some may say that she’s overly dramatic or makes a problem of everything. But you have to remember that not everyone is as strong as you, was raised the same way as you, or had the same opportunities as you. Another great character is Hishiro. Hishiro constantly moved from school to school, never staying in a place long enough to make any menaingful friends. Slowly with each transfer she begins to numb her emotions, “What’s the point of making friends if I’m going to leave?”. It’s things like this that make the characters of ReLIFE, feel ALIVE. I love the character development that the characters go through! It’s wonderful to see them grow into young adults. Unfortunately it’s not a 10/10 because I thought the artwork wasn’t that great. The characters seemed a bit flat but the story makes up for that. I hope this was helpful as a review, I feel like I just rambled for 500 characters XD.

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