Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu [9/10]

“After managing to get past the battles concerning the royal successor for Sindhura, Arslan and company made their triumphal return to Pars to find Hilmes the brave general with the silver mask standing in their way. And by the time they somehow get Hilmes to stand down and they can be on their way to thee capital once again, an even larger threat was fast approaching the land of Pars.” -ANN

The second season of Arslan Senki is a BIG disappointment to many fans of the series. The biggest reason being that it only aired a total of 8 episodes. In the 8 episodes there is nothing happening to advance the story, besides the ending that sets up the stage for the final battle to see who the King of Pars will be! (of course Arslan because you know, the whole main character thing…). But other than no progress in story and not enough episodes, Season 2 keeps the series alive! The animation and character designs are great, as always! It’s always a good episode when Farangis gets some screen time XD. I’m expecting a season 3 within the next year or so, because the setup was just perfect for a final season in the trilogy to end the story!

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