Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara [10/10]

HEY YOU! This is the second season of Shokugeki no Souma, and if you haven’t seen season 1 go watch it now!

Continuing off of the first season Shokugeki no Soma flies at an incredible pace through the Autumn Elections and the Stagiaire arc in a mere 12 episodes! Although it was a little rushed I still enjoyed how story develops. And with how the manga is, there’s no alternative since both arcs are quite long. I would prefer that they animate just the autumn elections. That give more time for character development and “buffer scenes” rather than constant action scenes back to back. There were some great character development scenes not only for Soma but also for Ryo and Hayama (ESPECIALLY HAYAMA BECAUSE IT WAS SO DEPRESSING TTATT). The tension was high throughout the entire show which is great but like I said earlier, it’d be nice to have a filler episode to cool down. As much as I love the Autumn Elections arc, I enjoyed the Stagiaire arc much more. Seeing Soma develop not only as a chef but as a person was exciting and inspirational, because I can relate in a way. Being able to find you own “style” in something that you do is the epitome of any dream. Having your own cooking style, drawing style, music style, etc. As a person in a block right now I’m struggling with trying to find my own “style”, but I digress. Anyway, Shokugeki is phenomenal not only in artwork but also in story and dialogue. It is one of my favorite anime/manga to date and I want everyone to enjoy it the same way I do!

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