Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin [10/10]

“The world is thrown into chaos when the Katjvarna empire takes arms against the Republic of Kioka. Our hero, Ikuta, detests war but ultimately has no choice but to become a High Grade Military Officer to defend his land. No one could have ever imagined that this lazy womanizer would eventually become the hero everyone needed.”

MadHouse back at it again with another great anime that had me on the edge of my seat! First off let’s talk about the artwork. As always MadHouse delivers: giving us marvelous character designs, intricate backgrounds, and fluid fighting animation. The character that is Ikta Solork is such an inspiration to me, personally. The fact that his motto is “Work hard to be lazy” already makes him a great character. Matched with his superior intellect in tactical warfare make him an unsuspecting foe. But let’s not forget the rest of our cast: Yatori, a master of the infamous Igsem Sword Style, Torway, an ace with rifle, Matthew, Ikta’s friend trying to make a name for himself, and Haro, a natural healer that mends to the armies wounds with her smile.  We join this group of five as they enter the frontlines against the rebellion on the North Border. The first sights of blood and death show how terrifiying and pointless war is. With all these deep characters it’s hard to wait week after week for new episodes to come out. And the ending has me thinking that season 2 is in the nearby future! You can’t give the audience a preposition for a season two and not make one, am I right!?

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