Handa-kun [10/10]

“Hated by everyone around him, Sei Handa goes about his high school life regarded as an outcast—or at least that’s what he believes. In reality, Sei is the most popular student on campus, revered by all for his incomparable calligraphy skills, good looks, and cool personality. However, due an endless series of misunderstandings, Handa perceives the worship he receives from his legions of fans as bullying, leading the school’s idol to shut himself off from the rest of his classmates.” -Myanimelist.net

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a prequel to “Barakamon”! Handa-san’s life when he was in high school! Handa-kun was such a joy to watch, the ridiculousness of the misunderstandings between Handa and his classmates were just too great to not laugh at. Especially when Handa’s words get twisted to glorify him even more! The artwork is nothing really to speak about and it’s typical in a slice of life like this so I’m not going to be too picky. There was a lot of character development for Handa and why he acts the way he does even in Barakamon. But let’s not forget the Handa Force! Comprised of a male model, scary delinquent, a nerd, and a normal guy. The Handa Force does their best to tend to their lord and savior, Handa-kun’s, needs and wants (although most of the time they’re doing the opposite >.<) I hope that Barakamon comes out with a season 2 because I’m pumped so see more embarrassing Handa-san!!!!

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