Days [Review]

“The series is about two boys named Tsukushi and Jin. Tsukushi is a boy with no special talent or traits while Jin is considered a soccer genius. On one stormy night, Jin meets Tsukushi, and they get dragged into the world of soccer.” -MAL News

As a big fan of sports anime, there’s no way that I was about to pass up on a soccer one because well you guessed it I love soccer too! Days was definitely my top 3 of the season because of the characters and the intense matches that they had throughout the season!


“Namaste. It’s supposed to mean ‘thank you’ in Indian or something” – Mizuki

“It actually means ‘Hello’ in Sanskrit…” -Usui


We accompany Tsukishi Tsukamoto and Kazama Jin as they enter their high school soccer careers at the infamous Seiseki Highschool. Seiseki’s known for being a powerhouse school, which is home for a talent like Kazama but Tsukushi…not so much. As Tsukushi trains to catch up with his friends we begin to see lots of development in this underdog in not only his soccer playing but also his character. The story is pretty straight forward where Seiseki enter some tournaments and goes through a training camp, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

Artwork & Animation:

The artwork is good enough for this type of anime, I mean sports anime don’t have to have a crazy detail backgrounds but the animation is a must! But unfortunately the animation is only so-so.


Ok ok ok ok so the reason why I love Tsukishi so much is that I see myself in him. I came into architecture school knowing absolutely nothing about architecture and I’m struggling my way through the harsh environment and schooling. Tsukishi is the same way in that he didn’t know anything about soccer, decides to join, and tries his best to meet everyone’s expectations. And the way he thinks throughout the show changes so drastically, he matures at a remarkable rate! And to be able to see his improvement in the matches that they participate in is just the best feeling like you’re always rooting for him! And the other characters are great too, they all have their own reasons for being on this team and none of them are left out. Even Ubukata has a change of heart, although it’s more because of Tsukishi more than anything.

Sound (OST & Voice Acting):

I love the cast for this show and the emotions that they bring to the table: from Kazama’s cockiness to Mizuki stupid comments (yet inspiring) comments! As for OP and EDs I’m addicted to both first and second OP by HOWL BE QUIET. They’re just so catchy and get you pumped for this show! The ED are so-so in my opinion, with a Seiseki character song and the second a name named after the show itself, is just eh.


I enjoyed the comedy that was in DAYS, it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Mizuki be……well Mizuki! Not to mention when Kazama decides to be a bad boy and Ubukata is always there to straighten him out!

Overall: 9

I really highly recommend this to anyone! Whether you like sports anime or not, I think this is a really great show to get into!

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