Kyou no Asuka Show [Review]

“Attractive and airheaded Asuka Kyōno is a middle-school student who lives with her father, whose undisclosed job involves seeing women in various states of undress. She is frequently unaware of the sexual suggestiveness her actions unintentionally have.” -ANN

Saw a post about this on Tumblr and I thought why not? So I marathon the entire thing a few minutes ago XD (since the episodes are only like 2 minutes?). It’s actually really good!!!


“Imagine if you were going to buy an electronic good. Now imagine a sales clerk saying, ‘To be honest, this doesn’t have a lot of features, and it performs badly. But if you’d like, please buy it’. Would you purchase it? You’re trying to sell me a product that you don’t believe in. I think that’s rude. You gotta tell me your merits!”



Most of the anime is just Asuka’s day to day situations, which are just hilarious because she does the most ridiculous things! But the thing that I love about this anime is that even though it’s only 2 minutes long, it’s satisfying to watch! There are even two or three episodes where there’s no dialogue and it still ended up being really funny! Telling the story without dialogue is a challenge, and it worked in Kyou no Asuka show!!

Artwork & Animation:

Love the character designs, the simplicity of everything is really well done, I never felt lost while watching the anime. The pattern backgrounds were nice as well, they show and emphasize Asuka’s thought process.


Well, Asuka is just a great character in general because she speaks great logic! Asuka’s reaction to thing is amusing, like when her underwear was showing and a guy told her that it was exposed, she just replied: “Oh, I see.” Puts her skirt down and turns away. Her calmness compared to the typical “Kyaa!!! Pervert!” cliche is very refreshing.

Sound (OST & Voice Acting):

The ED is so catchy, I couldn’t help myself from listening to the very end before I changed the episode! The voice acting by Arisa Noto is phenomenal as Asuka and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else! She is still new and I’m hoping she lands more roles!! Keiji Fujiwara, on the other hand, is a veteran and does a fantastic job as Asuka’s father and retorting her outrageous behavior!!


I fully enjoyed this anime and I recommend to everyone! Super easy to watch and really funny, what’s not to love?

Overall: Sscore 10

For being only 2 minutes long, it was really entertaining to go through the entire season, I haven’t laughed this hard since Gintama in 2015!! I really hope that this get picked up again and we get to see more of Asuka!

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