Hand Shakers (First Impression)

Hand Shaker caught me completely off guard, with it’s excessive use of 3D animation. Every single background is 3D from the buildings to the interior rooms, and they all look really cool and well designed (from an architect’s perspective), but when put together with the 2D character, it all feels little off? Maybe it’s because this is something that breaks from the ordinary anime and we aren’t used to animation being used this way.The 3D and 2D animation create some really dynamic movements when put together but again, it feels strange. I’m curious to see as to where the story will go as well, there’s a sort of strange setting, where the protagonist must stay with this girl, or else she dies, and to use his powers, and fight against other “Hand Shakers”. I question the way how the Hand Shakers use their “partners”, because in the first episode the first opponent we meet steps on his partner in all the wrong places…. not to mention excessive boob movement. Honestly, I don’t see why this would even need that stuff to make it interesting, I mean the animation is enough and the story is somewhat intriguing. I’m really unsure about this one, I’ll give it a go but I won’t be expecting anything phenomenal.

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