Nanbaka [Review]

“Four men are assigned to Nanbaka the inescapable prison: Jūgo, an inmate who’s only talent is to break out of prison; Uno, an inmate who loves to gamble and go out with women; Rock, an inmate who loves really good food; and Nico, a boy who loves games and anime.” ANN (Reworded by me because the original didn’t do it justice)

Nanbaka will be the most, ridiculous, glittery, pretty men filled anime you’ll ever see. Trust me.



What started out like a comedy/slice-of-life quickly turns into a dark and captivating story that will keep you on the edge of your seat! The first half of the anime is very happy-go-lucky, with the inmates messing around with the prison guards, and getting into ridiculous situations! But the second half has a more serious dark atmosphere. Our main character Jyugo, is an inmate who’s only talent is breaking out of jail, is the center of a strange phenomenon where these black shackles were placed around his neck, wrists, and ankles. Unable to take them off he searches for a guard with the scar on his neck to exact his revenge.

Artwork & Animation:

I’m gonna be honest, I thought this was a yaoi type anime with all flashy haired characters, and the glitter every where and at first, it’s all weird for me. Is this how girls feel when they watch things like Monster Musume and such?! But, I digress. I got used to Nanbaka’s art rather quickly, now I dig it. The animation is more impressive than I thought it would be since I thought this was just a slice-of-life anime.


Shout out to Hyakushiki, Momoko for being the big bad warden and keeping the men in order, but also being a cinnamon roll when thinking about Hajime! The group of Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico are always making me crack up! And each has his own heart wrenching back story, so it’s hard to not like these guys!

Sound (OST & Voice Acting):

Great cast line up of voice actors and kudos to them because the voices are phenomenal! Hajime’s retorts are my favorite along side Momoko’s monologues trying to plan out her meeting with Hajime! Both OP and ED are very catchy, OST has a fun little step to every song but there’s also nice strings that accompany the darker side of the story.


Of course, I enjoyed Nanbaka! The comedy, artwork, and characters are full of development, nothing is lacking, and the ending also leaves it open for season two!

Overall: Score 10

With great comedy and characters, comes great anime! And fear, not season two is coming in the upcoming season so there’s no need for waiting!!

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