Kuzu no Honkai (First Impression)

I really did the character design on this one, but the story well….It’s a little hard to explain but I’ll try my best. Basically Mugi (girl) and Hanabi (guy) are a couple, but not for each other. Each of them loves a teacher, except the teacher love each other. It’s a weird love square. As a result Mugi and Hanabi imagine each other as the teacher they love. The artwork and and retorts in the anime suggest a fun love com, where as the dialogue involves a darker love story that may or may not scar us, it’s viewers, for the rest of our lives. This one is not for the faint of heart as there are a lot of foreplay scenes, so be prepared! Interested in how this will all play our, I just hope that it’s not a bad ending, I don’t need another School Days in my life…

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