Nyanko Days [Review]

 “Konagai Tomoko is a first-year in high school and a shy girl. Tomoko owns three cats. The cheerful and live Munchkin Maa, the smart and responsible Russian Blue Rou, and the gentle crybaby Singapura Shii. Tomoko, whose only friends were her cats, one day becomes friends with Shiratori Azumi, who also loves cats. This is a fluffy and cute comedy about the daily life of Tomoko and her cats, Tomoko and Azumi’s friendship, and the interaction between cats.” -CrunchyRoll
Nyanko Days was the highlight of my week for the past 3 months! These short 2-minute episodes had me laughing and fawning over the cute kittens!!!
The story is as simple as it sounds, the 2 minutes episodes take us into Tomoko’s daily life and her interactions with her classmates and her adorable kittens! What makes this anime fun is that we also get to see the story from the kittens’ perspective, seeing how they react in different situations is quite amusing!
Artwork & Animation:
Character designs are too darn cute! Each cat has their own distinct color which also matches their personality! Tomoko and Azumi have simple and cute character designs as well! I like the simplicity of the artwork and the nice light and airy pastel color palette help with the fluffy atmosphere that the show gives!
I love the cat perspective and being able to see what the kittens would say and behave makes the show fluffy and cute! Tomoko is very relatable in some aspects, where sometimes you feel like the only friend you have is your pet! But it’s also good to see her make new friends along the way!
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The ED for the show is catchy! And having all the kittens dancing and singing along is too adorable to not like it!
Of course, I enjoyed it!! And you will too! With only 2 minutes per episode, it would take a total of 24 minutes to finish the entire season!
Overall: Score 10
THE KITTENS ARE ADORABLE. TRUST ME, but in all seriousness, I do think it’s a great show! The character designs are really nice, very fun assortment of characters, and best of all there are kittens!!!

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