Nanbaka (2017) [Review]

“The second part of Nanbaka. The prisoners and their guards continue their comfortable lives at Nanba Prison. However, from the shadows emerges a new threat: Enki Gokuu, a person from Samon’s past, who has mysterious goals of his own.” –
Thank goodness that this came right after season 1 because I was dying to see what would happen to Jyugo and friends, after that encounter with Elf!! And this season does not disappoint!
Continuing the story where the previous season left off, we are reunited with Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock again with there usually shenanigans! But the story takes a wild turn when Enki Gokuu, an infamous prison guard who was imprisoned for killing an inmate, escapes from his cell causing havoc in Nanbaka! Compared to the previous season, the story takes a much more serious tone. There are a lot more action and darker story plot, but don’t fret there’s still enough comedy to keep you smiling through the show!
Artwork & Animation:
The flashy character design is back and better than ever! As well as the nice animation that we saw for a bit towards the end of season 1, but dial it up to 11! With much more conflict in the plot, comes more awesome fighting animation as well as new opponents for our lovable inmates to fight.
Lots of new characters introduced this season, and the great thing is that they aren’t useless add-on characters! Each new character brings a piece of backstory that also fill in backstories of our main cast as well. Season 2 did a phenomenal job on a lot of character development with a short 12 episodes.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The season, being back to back, it was a good choice to keep the both the OP and ED. Both very fun and catchy, and capturing the aesthetic of the show!
I loved this season, it’s a good transition towards the bigger plot that hidden underneath all the comedy! The only complaint that I have is that Momoko only showed up for 2 episodes, I need my fix of Momoko!
Overall: score 9
Another perfect score for me, because Nanbaka does everything SO WELL. Good transition from season 1 to season 2, continuous character development, great plot, greater comedy! What’s not to love?!

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