Gabriel DropOut [Review]

“For centuries, Heaven has required its young angels to live and study among humans in order to become full-fledged angels. This is no different for top-of-her-class Gabriel White Tenma, who believes it is her mission to be a great angel who will bring happiness to mankind. However, Gabriel grows addicted to video games on Earth and eventually becomes a shut-in. Proclaiming herself a “Faillen Angel,” she is apathetic to everything else—much to the annoyance of Vignette April Tsukinose, a demon whom Gabriel befriended in her angelic early days on Earth.” -MAL Rewrite
Just from the first episode, you can see that Gabriel DropOut is a hilarious comedy that’ll have you laughing from beginning to end.
The story is pretty straight forward, we follow Gabriel and friends in their day-to-day life. Gabriel DropOut focuses heavily on its comedy, most of it is making fun of poor Satania. All the jokes and gags are new and fresh, and hardly ever feel redundant or forced. The play on the fact that the roles of angels and demons have been reversed is comedic gold.
Artwork & Animation:
Nice character designs and great background art, stays true to the manga.
The best thing about the show are its character; we have Gab, a top class angel until she succumbs to the world of video games; Vigne, a bonafide demon except she’s a diligent, kind, and helpful type of demon; Satania, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord, whose melon bread is stolen by a mere puppy everyday; and Raphi, an angel on the inside and out, who enjoys tormenting Satania, which, according to heaven, is a good thing! The characters are all quirky and make the show fun to watch!
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Very nice and upbeat soundtrack and the Opening, as well as the Ending theme, are preformed by the cast so that’s a nice bonus!
The show had me laughing from start to finish and every minute was very enjoyable!
Overall: score 9
Excellent show with great comedy, and an interesting setup! Definitely high on my recommendation list!

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