Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu (First Impression)

Right from the beginning, we’re immediately thrust into a battle scene with our main protagonists chasing after what seems to be an enemy wagon/cart  After the stopping the cart, the story opens to reveal the plot. History can be changed and it’s up to Kane-san and Kunihiro to stop that change and protect history as it is. The story, as of right now, is very confusing. I thought that after the intro cart chasing scene we’d be brought to the beginning and the story would start from there. Yet it doesn’t and that’s very disorienting. This may be because of the fact that I haven’t played the MMO, and the adaptation is only a portion of a certain character’s, or group of characters’, part of a bigger story. Putting the aside, the artwork and animation are impeccable, as expected from ufotable! I have high hopes on this being one of the best of the summer season!

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