Hinako Note [Review]

“Hinako is poor at speaking and lives in a rural part of Japan. She wants to improve her speech to be able to talk to people freely, so in high school, she transfers schools to Tokyo and plans to join a theater club. When she arrives, it turns out her boarding house is a secondhand bookstore, and a girl who eats books lives there.” -Hinako Note (Manga)
Ah yes, there’s always at least one moe anime every season that I need to watch. Hinako Note is a fun and cute anime with lovable characters and great artwork.
The story is simple, Hinako, a country girl, wants to overcome her fear of talking to other people. As a way of handling that she decides to move away from her hometown and attend a high school to join its theater club. The entire anime consist of her daily life as she works her hardest to tackle her weakness, Essentially another, cute girls doing cute things type anime, with little story progression. Don’t get me wrong, these type of anime are great in their own way.
Artwork & Animation:

Moe anime never ceases to amaze, the amount of animation put into them are above and beyond what’s needed, most likely because it sells the best out of all the other genres. But I digress. The scenery and character designs are all very pleasing, The aspect of Hinako Note that stands out is the frequent transition between chibi and full sized characters.

The quintet of girls is fun and energetic, always making a scene everywhere they go. Each heroine has her own little quirk that makes them unique, which is often used as running gags. Kuu-chan’s tendency to eat her book and Hinako’s ability to turn into a scarecrow, for example.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Great voice acting as always. Opening and ending songs are both performed by the voice actors themselves which are nice and refreshing. The soundtrack has a variety of happy feel good music which accompanies well with the setting.
I’m always a sucker for moe anime, and although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea because it lacks story or has no action. It’s a different style and way of producing anime, not all anime can have a serious back story with emotionally straining character development, because then it would be normal and boring.
Overall: score 9
Hinako Note is a feel good anime, with adorable characters, great comedy, and lovely artwork. If you enjoy watching cute girls doing cute things type of anime, then I highly recommend Hinako Note

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