Armed Girl’s Machiavellism [Review]

“Fudō Nomura transfers to a school where girls carry weapons to rule mercilessly over the boys. Shortly after transferring he becomes a target of Rin Onigawara, a member of the Five Ruling Swords that commands the school. In order break free he must defeat the Five Ruling Swords.” -Armed Girl’s Machiavellism (Manga)
A generic anime, with a somewhat interesting plot line. I was expecting something like To aru Majitsu no Index where the guy would walk around and punch every girl in sight. Jokes aside, I did wish for an intriguing story to his power, only to be met with a meaningless backstory that leaves more questions than answers.
Compared to the other anime in the “generic” genre, The story actually has some substance in it. Nomura Fudo’s goal to leave school grounds remains shallow from start to finish. There’s no real drive towards the goal, and then the five swords fall in battle one by one and give him the stamp that he needs. The plot is too convenient, which makes it boring and predictable.
Artwork & Animation:
Besides Nomura having the main protagonist start packs of features, the heroines on the another hand have a uniqueness to them. With a variety of hair styles and attire, it’s a more appealing set of designs. As for the backgrounds, it’s the same repetition of backgrounds. The fights are usually in the courtyard in front school, and most interactions are at the dorms. There’s hardly any places other than the school, where major plot points take place, making it dull.
With such interesting character, it’s was quite easy to lose interest in them once their “arc” was finished. Sure each girl had their moment with Nomura, but none of it, for the lack of a better term, stuck. Cliche encounters along with very little character development create relationships that seem unimportant.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Sounds were fine, nothing to write home about. Opening and endings themes both fine. Voice acting was exceptional, the voices were fitting for the characters, and it brought life to the characters.
I enjoyed the first few episodes of the show, but the enjoyment declined after that.
Overall: score 6
Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is without a doubt a generic anime. But with interesting characters and a decent plot line, Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is one of the better generic anime. If this were to somehow get the chance for season two, I hope we get to see a lot more character development with all of the characters as well as more locations for the characters to travel to.

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