Kakegurui (First Impression)

Kakegurui is about Hyakkaou Private Academy, a highly prestigious school that has a hidden dark side. After school hours the entire school turns into a series of gambling rooms where students play against each other with large sums of money. Right from the get-go, our main protagonist loses a gambling game against a classmate, Mary, and becomes her “house pet”. The next day, Yumeko Jabami, transfers to his class. Oblivious to the dark side that accompanies the school, Jabami playfully enjoys her first day. Through a turn of events, she is challenged by Mary to a gambling game. Kakegurui, is most definitely a dark horse in the anime season. It has the ecchi style of Prison School but also the dark and malicious style of Death Note. Yes, an interesting combination but it works. The story that is the foundation of the anime is very interesting as well. I’m curious as to how the story with development from now on.

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