Having not seen the other anime in the fate franchise yet, I’m going into this one blind, I do have an idea of what’s going on from playing Fate Grand Order. Fate Apocrypha is based on the light novel of the same name. A parallel universe in which during the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, Japan, The Holy Grail is stolen. Inciting a Great Holy Grail War, where two factions fight each other to the death to obtain the stolen holy grail. Still unsure as who the main character is, and whether or not we’ll follow one side of the war. We follow Mordred and her master in the first episode, yet the cover art depicts Jeanne D’Arc and her master. The story aside, artwork and animation are top-notch. There are missing frames in fighting sequences here and there that make the fight sequences stagger a bit, but I’ll give it a few episodes before I talk about that stuff. What I do love is the why the story ties in with the past Fate anime, as well as the visual novel. With the core concept still intact with variations, it creates new interest with an old theme.