Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! [Review]

“Middle school student Shuri Komori is too kind and is unable to say no when someone asks her for a favor. However, she has gained various amazing abilities as a result.” -Manga
As many of you know I love these anime short, one because usually they’re funny and two they’re short! But this anime falls just a bit short of being one of my favorites.
Not much to say other than the daily life of Komori seems like a busy and tough one. The entire show is about the different things that Komori’s classmates ask her to do. The beginning throws you into the story with no warning which was kinda disorientating. But then towards the second half, it gets a little more interesting when Komori gets a little crush on a boy in her class.
Artwork & Animation:
Very simple and effective character design and the animation are very smooth for this type of show. I love how Komori is in the same grade as everyone else yet, her size says other wise. She’s two heads taller than everyone else.
As expected it’s hard to get any real character development in a couple of 2-minute episodes. But we do see a little change in Komori when she meets the
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
No opening in this anime, but there is an ending theme that’s pretty catchy for the 30 seconds that it plays. Voice acting, pretty dynamic which makes the show a lot more interesting, it makes every scene count.
As much as I love these short 2-minute anime, Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! Didn’t quite cut it for me. Sure I giggle now and then but they comedy wasn’t that great.
Overall: Score 8
If you need a little break from marathoning One Piece or some other obnoxiously long anime, this would be a great one to watch. It’s nice and fluffy with a good sense of comedy, albeit not the best but I digress. Definitely worth a try!

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