Koyomimonogatari [Review]

“In each episode, Koyomi is presented with a mystery posed by one of the female characters from the story, which he then investigates on his own or helps them solve.” -MAL
As a huge fan of the Monogatari series, Koyomimonogatari was another treat before movies aired in theaters, although here I am watching it after all three movies have been released
Koyomimonogatari an easter egg of sorts and what I mean by that is that it’s about Koyomi and his interactions with all the characters that have shown up in the series. A lot of it is little mysteries that Koyomi and which ever character would show up in the particular episode would solve together. 12-minute episodes of fun dialogue with nothing serious happening. Although they may seem pointless, some of the interactions actually have some importance pertaining back to the bigger plot line. This is shown at the end of the show, the last two episodes seem to be a hint at another season. Though at this point it’s clear that it’s hinting at Owarimonogatari 2.
Artwork & Animation:
As you would expect from SHAFT, the abstract art and dramatic character movements make the Monogatari series a very unique show to watch.
It’s nice to see old characters again, especially since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen some of them.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Although I hate the act of recycling old animation or music, I think it works in this case. Depending on what character would make a cameo in that episode the opening theme would be an opening that that character sang in a previous season. It’s cool to hear the old opening themes and refresh yourself on the series.
It was a great reminder of how great the Monogatari series is and a perfect way to pump myself up for not only Owarimonogatari 2 but the Kizumonogatari movies as well!
Overall: Score 10
A sort of spin-off that not only was a lot of fun but had hidden information that pertained back to the main storyline. Animation never deteriorating and neither did the dialogue and the comedy, making for a great anime. And with its short episodes, it’s a lot easier to marathon.

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