Inuyashiki (First Impression)

Wow. What. Did. I. Just. Watch…

Inuyashiki is uhhh, strange. It’s about Inuyashiki an old man in his late 50s (although to be honest he looks like it 90+). Inuyashiki even after building a new house for his family and taking care of them, he’s disrespected to the point where he couldn’t tell them that he had stomach cancer. When he finally reached his limit, he’s hit with a flash of light and passes out. He wakes up the next morning without a scratch, but only later would he fins what was wrong with him. And as you can see in the promotional poster he basically becomes a humanoid weapon. It’s a lot to take in on the very first episode but it definitely hooked me with the story. The atmosphere of the anime is very similar to Parasyte, in the way the art is drawn and I’m going to assuming the violent portions of it as well. There is one thing that bugs me and it’s the excessive use of 3D animation. I get it when it’s used for the transformation scene, but they used 3D animation for someone getting out of the car and walking. It makes the anime look lazy and tacky. But I’m still excited to see how the story develops!

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