Overlord II (First Impression)

Well, the new year just started and the first episode of anime that I watch is Overlord II???? 2018 already is off to a great start! Originally it’s supposed to air on January 9th, 2018 but I’m complaining! Not to mention Mad House rarely ever makes a sequel to an anime they a work on. So Overlord being able to get this second season is nothing short of a miracle. Overlord II starts off spoon feeding us with a bunch of information, that will be important later on in the season. A lot of political information on countries around Nazarick (Ainz’s home base for those that don’t remember!) as well as a barrage of new characters. The opening theme is performed by Myth & Roid, the same group who performed the opening for Re:Zero!). Overlord II will be a favorite through this season for sure!

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