Grancrest Senki (First Impression)

Well alright with little to no introduction to the story at all Grancrest Senki throws you into a flashback with zero context and then right to the present, again with little to no context whatsoever.We’re introduced to Siluca, a mage who’s probably our main character. She’s shown on her way to pass on a written speech until she runs into a wedding ceremony? And there happens to be chaos and it kills the King and Grand mage of the country plundering the country into what seems like destruction. And then it turns to present and Siluca has been invited to have a contract with a Lord but finds her own along the way and she forces him to take the castle? As much as I like mysterious anime that unveils itself throughout the story Grancrest Senki doesn’t give off the vibe that it will do so. It was really hard to digest the entire episode, if you didn’t already notice from my quick summary, and they just kept throwing plot point after plot point even though I have no idea where the story was heading. I will say that the art and animation look really good! That will be it’s saving grace if the story ends up being a jumble of unrelated plot points.

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