Violet Evergarden (First Impression)

Violet Evergarden has been on my radar ever since the first trailer dropped back in May of 2016! Imagine my excitement when I realized that the first episode was about to air!! An a KyoAni productions it’s guaranteed to be a worthwhile watch! Just from the first episode alone, it’s clear to see that Violet Evergarden is going to be a beautiful yet tragic adventure, that will take us up and down like a fast rollercoaster ride. And it has breath-taking scenery to boot!

Plot (in my own words):

Violet Evergarden is about a young girl of the same name who recently recovered from injuries that she sustained from her time in the front lines during the war. Now that the war is over she is invited to work at a company that deals with delivering and writing letters for those that don’t know how to read or write. Haunted by her memories of the war she joins the Auto Memories Dolls, in an attempt to understand the different emotions and shapes that love can take.


Absolutely watch this anime, it’s not something that you want to miss!



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