Comic Girls (First Impression)

ALRIGHT, SO THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE CUTEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Comic girls started off kinda abrupt and artwork took a few seconds to get used too but man, am I excited for the next episode!

Plot (In my own words):

Kaoruko is a high school manga artist who works under the pen name Kaos, but she’s down in the dumps after receiving news that she didn’t rank so well in the latest reader survey. Her editor suggested that she join an all-female dormitory. Everyone in this dorm is also a manga artist: Ruki, a romance manga artist; Koyume, a shoujo manga artist; and Tsubasa, a shounen manga artist. Will living with other aspiring manga artist help her improve her ability as a manga artist?


YES! The great thing about Comic Girls, besides the funny characters and the cute art, is that it articulates the entire process of how manga is created and published! It’s not all digital, sometimes manga artist draw things by hand for them to be scanned and then published for the public!

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