Persona 5 The Animation (First Impression)

YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE. Being a huge fan of the Persona game series, it’s always nice to see the story get animated and what other little details will be added to the anime that were not in the game! I’m super excited to see all of the characters get animated!

Plot (In my own words):

After being charged with assault, Ren Amamiya is forced to transfer school to Shujin Academy. There he will be living under the roof of Sojiro Sakura until his probation is over in the next year. But upon heading to school, he runs into Ryuuji Sakamoto and both of them encounter something strange, their school had turned into a castle! Knights with weird masks capture them and the “king” of the castle shows himself. Kamoshida, who is there P.E. teacher at the high school! “Execute them!” as the knights begin to follow their order a strange voice rings in the distance, “I art thou, Thou art I.” With a fiery blaze, Ren’s hidden power presents itself, Arsene.


If you’ve heard of Persona or played the game, this is a MUST. Persona 5 is the most developed and thought out persona story out there today, it shadows over previous ones in comparison. Although it is a little too fast for my tastes, it’s understandable seeing there squeezing at least a hundred hours of gameplay into a mere 24 episodes (12 hours).

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