Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara [Review]

“This third season continues the story of Yukihira Soma at Japan’s premiere culinary school. This time around he’s aiming for a spot in “The Elite Ten”. These are the ten best students in the school who primarily decide which direction the school’s curriculum will take. However, dark days are approaching as a former student returns and maneuvers into a position of power to usher in a new, bleaker direction for the school. At its darkest hour many students turn to Yukihira Soma to turn the tide.” -ANN
Shokugeki is back! Need I say more?

Shokugeki no Soma continues to blow me away with its incredible story with a twist at every corner. This season covers the Moon Festival as well as the Return of Azami, which covers a lot of ground in the manga. Though the pacing was quick in the beginning, the second was a lot more grounded and paced.
Artwork & Animation:
The art and animation have been phenomenal since the first episode and season three is no exception. Shokugeki continues to produce mouth-watering food art and of course nice ecchi scenes every now and then!
After waiting for so long, we finally get introduced to the Elite Ten and man are they skilled. I love that the first seat is partly a klutz and worrywart as well, it gives a very nice contrast to his cooking ability! And while Shokugeki does an excellent job of giving great characters as well as giving them the screen time that they need, this season takes a step back and focuses on our main characters, Soma and Erina. Wonderful character development on both sides which leaves the audience wanting more and more!
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The opening theme continues “dish” ing out high energy songs and getting us pumped up for the intense plating that’s about to happen! An excellent cast of the new characters that appeared this season and that’s a lot!
Shokugeki no Soma is one of my favorite anime of all time and it continues to be with all of this amazing story development! I’m excited to see the second cour of season three!
Overall: Score 10
Shokugeki no Soma never fails to impress, even with the seemingly slow story development it still creates interest in its art and animation! Even after seeing so many recipes and dishes being served, Shokugeki brings forth even newer and interesting dishes, that’ll keep your mouth watering for the next episode!
Best Girl: Nakiri Erina
Erina was best girl since the beginning but this season she solidified her spot with all of the character and story development!

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