Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (First Impression)

Well, this was unexpected! I thought Full Metal Panic! was over with Fumoffu but somehow it’s back? And the art is the same as it was several years ago? Sign me up!

Plot (In my own words):

After the events that occurred with Amalgam, Sousuke and Chidori return to their normal lives. But that return was short-lived as they once again have an encounter with Leonard Tesstarosa, who warns them about Amalgam. Now feeling cornered, Amalgam has decided to take all Whispered by any means necessary, even if that means attacking Mithril head on.


I’m very excited that Full Metal Panic! is back and that we get to see Sousuke and the Arbalest in action once again! But to be honest, part of me isn’t into it so much because it’s been so long since I’ve seen the first three seasons that a lot of the names and events have slipped my mind. Maybe it’s time for a quick weekend marathon to get me back up to speed and pumped up for this new season! The art remains as they were when the first season aired which brings this nostalgic atmosphere but it’s animated at a much higher quality!

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