Mahou Shoujo Ore (First Impression)

Not gonna lie, the whole 15-year-old girl transforming into a magical buff guy had a really funny ring to it and I just couldn’t resist…

Plot (In my own words):

Uno Saki is an idol in training along with her childhood friend Mikage Sakuya. One day after performing in a concert, that no one attended, Saki comes home to find a scary Yazuka man trying to kick down her front door. Through a turn of events, it turns out that Saki finds out that her mom is actually an ex-magical girl and that the scary yakuza man was actually her mascot!! Since Saki’s mother is getting older she can’t protect the town anymore as a magical girl, so Saki is to take her place to restore peace and order. What’s her magical power you ask? Well, she turns into a handsome man in a tight and unfit magical girl uniform of course! Saki punches her way through the cute yet very muscular demons for justice!


THIS IS IT. THE MAGICAL GIRL SHOW TO END ALL MAGICAL GIRL SHOWS. Yes, the concept is strange but just give it a tried and you’ll understand why I couldn’t breathe the entire time I was watching the show. Mahou Shoujou Ore takes everything from a typical magical girl show and flips it right on its head. Be prepared be scarred from this genre of anime until your last dying breath.

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