New Game!! [Review]

“Having released their latest RPG, “Fairies Story 3,” Eagle Jump decides to make an entirely new type of game, asking each of the employees to pitch character designs. Aoba comes up with the winning idea: a girl in a bear kigurumi. She earns the job of lead character designer for the company’s new game, titled ‘PECO’.”
Anime News Network

New Game!! starts of one year after the end of season one, once again focusing on Aoba and friends but on a brand new game! The anime continues to pace itself well with several events happening in each episode and with the introduction of new character creates new friendship as well as rivalry. Season two proved to be much more emotional than the previous, with a certain leaving the scene for a time.
Artwork & Animation:
The animation of New Game!! doesn’t disappoint as its quality carries over from the last season. The wonderful coloring and animation of the new characters are very refreshing after getting used to the color palette of season one.
It’s easy to say that season two has much more character development. Season one focused the introduction of the characters and building their foundation. Season 2 takes that and builds upon that foundation with their potential as programmers, character designers, etc. as well as deepen relationships between some of the characters.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The soundtrack fits with the idea of making games. Some backgrounds songs feature 8-bit noise, something you’d hear from the old Pokémon Red and Blue, type of sound. Other feature simple guitar strums accompanied an energetic drum beat. Both are very popular and familiar sounds that are frequently used in games.
As an avid fan of the New Game! manga, it’s great to see all the lovable characters get animated for a second season!
Overall: Score 9
New game!! continues to be one of the cutest anime I’ve seen to date, the story revolving around games is also a plus. The animation quality carries over from the previous season and still brightens my day with its wonderful color palette. Though it ended on a very good note, I’m hoping there another season in the works!
Best Girl: Takimoto Hifumi
Hifumin was very cute in season one and continues to be in season two. It’s going to take a lot to dethrone Hifumin from her position as best girl!
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