Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto [Review]

“Twin sisters Rise and Airi live a fun-filled life with their older brother who also has a sister complex.” -Alice or Alice: Siscon Niisan to Futago no Imouto (manga)

A slice of life with four-minute episode doesn’t leave much room for a developed story. Alice or Alice focuses on the moe in its purest form through adorable art, familiar character tropes, and a maid outfits! It did provide an interesting rivalry between the two maid cafes that the characters were working in. Other than that, the anime were assorted situations that the girls found themselves in like their birthdays or playing with friends.
Artwork & Animation:
The characters were very colorful each design stayed true to their characters personalities. The backgrounds, on the other hand, were plain and could have been a little more developed. Yet there is an aesthetic that is very pleasing with the pastel colors that the background provides. There is a good amount of chibi style art and fully detailed artwork, allowing certain scenes to gather more attention than others.
There’s nothing new here: twin characters with opposite personalities, the energetic girl, the clumsy girl, full on maid character, quiet but eats a lot, and the chuuni. Though these are overused character tropes, I still enjoyed all the characters.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The soundtrack, itself, is rather simple consisting mostly of the opening and the ending theme songs. Simple piano melodies bring excitement to along with the cute artwork, creating a very moe atmosphere.
This was a nice release from the usual heavy story driven anime that was so prominent this season. Alice to Alice is a nice anime that had nice artwork and cute characters and I enjoyed it very much!
Overall: Score 7
For a four-minute anime, Alice or Alice still manages to create interesting characters despite the use of common character tropes. That by itself deserves praise, though the story could’ve had a stronger backbone, for the type and length of time that was presented, it’s not an awful execution.
Best Girl: Ruha
Though she didn’t have as much screen time as the other characters she was definitely the funniest. Her listlessness along with her appetite made her both adorable and entertaining!

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