Hanebado! (First Impression)

I’ve been hyped about Hanebado the moment I saw its preview! Think of the artwork of Keijo but bring that to the story of Haikyuu, and that’s more or less what Hanebado will give you! Hanebado is a sports anime that is all about badminton

Plot (In my own words):

Nagisa Aragaki, a third year, lost in extremely important match against Ayano Hanesaki. After the match, Nagisa, still burdened by the loss, takes her anger out on the other members of the badminton club, while Ayano loses the motivation to even stay in the sports. Through a twisted string of fate, they meet each other again at Kanagawa Prefectural Kitakomachi High School. Will this meeting change the fate of the Badminton club? 


Yes, yes, and yes! Hanebado is exactly we all wanted when we saw the gender-bent fan art of the haiku characters floating around the internet. The first episode establishes a great story set up, a diverse cast of characters, and most of all the animation is fluid, action-packed, and overall top notch! Though the opening did use some recycled animation sequences… I don’t think it’s enough to have me hate it. I’m excited to see what the rest of the show has to offer. 


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